It's my life and it's now or never

It's my life and it's now or never

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Что-то дымится, авось, мои соображаловка,
От них разлетаются цветочные лепестки
Так набейте ми ноздри луком
Склейте ми вежды медом
Засуньте ми во ушки перл
Залейте ми цирлы гипсом
Наврите ми ради Вьетнам.

Дискотека 80-90-х - Коллекция 27CD

Ответ: Frankly speaking, my parents and I usually try to leave home for some other place. If you live the whole autumn, winter, and spring in the same surroundings, you are really fed up with them, and you need a change. For example, we went to Lake Baikal, last summer, and lived in a small village at the lake.

My future plans - Мой план на будущее »

Ответ: In my school we wear black and white uniform. The boys have to wear black trousers and white shirts, the girls have to wear black skirts and white blouses. It goes without saying that some variations are possible, but the set style is just like I have just described.

My Cute Cousin [ EX Modded] (2018/ENG/RUS

We’ve been friends for a long time. We absolutely trust each other. I can tell Maria about all my troubles and I know that she always helps me, if she can. I can call Maria at night, and she won’t be offended at me. She always tries to understand me and my feelings. Maria knows that she can rely on me too. So we’re real friends indeed.

Jim the high jump champion organized organized games
Which he always won easily.
Bill the carpenter constructed a wooden water wheel
And converted the water 8767 s energy into electricity
Using iron ore from the hills, he constructed lamppost.
They all worried about Mary, the eccentric widow,
Her lack of confidence and her-
But there wasn 8767 t time to coddle her.

Ответ: First of all, films in English help students improve their listening skills. You gradually get accustomed to the variety of accents, slurring of words, slang, and the like. If you find difficulties in understanding English, you can use subtitles.

Ответ: Frankly speaking, I don 8767 t have much time to help my parents about the house, because I have to study for the exams. Nevertheless, I always wash the dishes and mop the floor. Sometimes I help my mother about the shopping.

восходящий, сие статут согласования подлежащего равным образом сказуемого, поглощать нет слов всех хороших грамматиках. НО можете придавать значение чему да у меня на статье Согласование подлежащего равно сказуемого на английском языке :))

Hello, it’s the electronic assistant of the city library. We kindly ask you to take part in our survey. We need to find out about teenagers reading habits. Please answer 6 questions. The survey is anonymous. You don’t have to give your name. So, let’s get started.

Ответ: As for me, I don 8767 t have much free time, because I have to go to school on weekdays. In addition to it, I do an optional course to prepare for the English exam. So, free time on weekdays is out of the question.

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